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Readymade Fashion Clothing : A few words
The aesthetics of the woman's attire must always remain fresh and timeless. The exquisite range of ladies tops brings about it 's own mood and energy, a value that is prized in the female form. Presented in a unique fusion of contemporary fashion and traditional designs, women's tops are known for their appealing styles and catchy patterns. The usage of quality fabric in vibrant colors and rich prints not only give an attractive look to these tops, but also provide high level of comfort and pleasure.

The various kinds of tops specially made for women include long sleeves tops, short sleeves tops, sleeveless tops, crop tops, tank tops, baby-doll tops, buckle tops, chain link tops, satin trim tops, denim tops, side stripe tops etc. Ladies tops are unique attires that are made charming with the usage of marvelous bead work and embroidery.

Design & Color
Trendy & fashionable tops are designed for women, keeping the international fashion trends in mind. The designer tops are usually embellished with sequins, beads, embroidery and other kinds of handwork. They are also made to match with the latest designs and color schemes. Iridescent sequins, zari lapels with locks lace inserts, ribbons and cornelli trims are added for extra glamor.

Available with fashionable styles, from casual to formal in various sleeve designs buyers can surely procure tops that suit their needs. Women's tops come in a variety of colors, styles, sizes, designs and embroidery, all matchless in their finishing. Customized designs can also be made as per buyer's requirements.

The clever use of natural and technical fabrics gives an interesting twist to these classic styles, plain white, or plain dyed,or printed, or in yarn dyed stripes. Wide range of fabrics are used to fabricate women's tops, ranging from soft, stretchy cotton fabric that looks and feels fabulous, to polyester, fine chiffon, silk, cotton, georgette etc. The multitude of fabric finishes in which these tops are available are solid, double dye, shiny, burnt, emboss and printed.

Tank Tops:
As the days get warmer, colorful and fashionable tank tops become must-haves. Tank tops could be seen at any music show in the 1970s, generally made from cotton and had slogans or decals on them. The term tank tops were derived from the tops men wore in swimming pools. Manufacturers also call them muscle shirts and camisoles. These beautiful, super-comfortable tank tops are the perfect addition to the wardrobe, and can be worn casually with jeans or shorts, or dressed up with a skirt.

A sartorial symbol of women's freedom, tank tops have been incarnated in spaghetti strap styles and embellished versions such as safety pins, slogans & concert logos. The most popular, however, still remained the solid white tank top. Tank tops looks sophisticated and chic, many flashing a neo-sporty style that plays with classic colors and designs.

Check patterns both large and small, diagonal or straight, woven, printed or knitted are among the favorites with girls. Patterns can also be combined, as long as they have a common theme. Make sure they are not overly distinct. For example, choose patterns with complementary colors or combine ones that faintly resemble one another. Various types of decorative elements are also used such as embroidery, fur trim, and lots of riveting.

Colors & Fabrics
The colors of tank tops are generally traditional in white, black, blue, red, grey, and ecru, but the fabrics used are innovative. In addition to color, the variety of patterned fabrics used to fabricate tank tops, set a really new fashion statement. In addition to cotton, denim, leather imitations, corduroy and woolen fabrics like tweed and flannel also play a major role.

Halter Tops:
Halter tops are a favorite attire of women because they are comfortable and display a woman's body in a tasteful, elegant manner for all to see. Designers in India and abroad offer fashionable halter tops that show off the feminine form while providing a whimsical flair. A staple for the spring and summer, new styles, new colors, and new fabrics have greatly enhanced the popularity of women's halter tops. The main thing kept in mind while selecting a halter top is fitting and comfort.

Design & Style - Ladies Halter Tops
One of the big fashion trends currently is the return of the halter tops. All of these tops lace up in the back, making them very adjustable, whereas the high neck ones fasten around the neck with a snap. The others tie around the neck. Possessing great value and fabulous style, halter tops are the ideal choice to be adorn with a pair of jeans, jean skirt or shorts for the warm months. These can come with simple neckline and smooth straps, others may be more edgy, with metal grommets or rings at the breastbone.

Color Pattern - Ladies Halter Tops
Femininity is still the dominant influence in fashion Industry- which means adding feminine touches to the wardrobe with stylishly fabricated halter tops in colors like lilac, red, white, black and all shades of blue. These can also be seen with florals, slimming stripes and bold color blocks. Black and white colored halter tops makes a strong statement, and looks great when set off with an accessory in a bright color. To soften their effect, halter top designers present them in soft pastels, making them feminine and fun at the same time.

Fabrics - Ladies Halter Tops
Usually, fabrics like cotton, denim, synthetic, leather, knitted, crepe, georgettes, silks and organza are crafted into wearable skirts. Beads, sequins, lace, feathers, patches, fringe and trims are sewn, glued or pinned on these top to give them a glamorous look.

Sleeveless Tops:
Glamor and luxury are defined in different ways by each new generation. Cool and casual, ladies sleeveless tops offers one of the freshest, sexiest looks of the season. While fabricating sleeveless tops, designers are more concerned with the innovative approach to new styling and the use of new fabric finishes and textures. Desirable and luxurious styles of these tops helps women to feel unique and enhance their perception of self image and personal style.

Women expressing a desire for stylish and better fitting apparel, opt for sleeveless tops as they are generally made from functional fabrics that have high quality construction. Sleeveless tops are designed to make it durable, functional and mostly wearable for any occasion ranging from casual to formal. Available in an array of inspirational colors and simple-yet-striking styles, these are just right under a jacket or cardigan.

Patterns & Colors
Extraordinary attention to detail are given to creates ready-to-wear sleeveless tops, distinguished various embellishment. New ways are found to add interest in these tops with the help of lace, ribbon, hem stitching, precision weaves, filigree decoration, yarn cut work, self fabric fringing and embroidery abound.

Essentially versatile, these can be found in various neckline, popular one being deep-v neckline, scooped neckline, round neck etc. One-of-a-kind style to the casual wardrobe, each of these tops are unique, as they come in various patterns such as hand tie-dying, batik print, embroidery, applique work etc. Designed and styled for comfort and a sleek look, sleeveless tops offers freedom of movement. Women generally opt for lighter colors during summers as they reflect the heat rather than drawing it as dark colors do.

Fabrics & Textures
Extremely comfortable and soft, sleeveless tops are available in a stylish mixture of textures, great styles and colors. The use of contrast textiles and variations with precise texture weaves make for interesting sophisticated and subtle sleeveless tops.

Fabric choices also affect the comfort level. Heavy polyesters are avoided in the summer as that fabric traps in the body heat. Lightweight cotton, linen, silk, even tropical weight wool are far more cooler and breathes well. Hosiery is another item that gets discarded in the heat. Fabrics usually used are cotton, silk, tulle, chiffons, bubble fabrics, crinkle printed crepons, satins, satin backed crepes, striped and gauze fabrics.

Ladies Kurta
Fashion follows a certain pattern and every season promises to bring in new trends that become the "in" thing for the fashion-conscious people. Ladies kurtas have taken on a new dimension altogether in the present times and they are fast becoming a fashion statement not just in India but also in the West.

A Khadi kurta with a Ghandhian cap became synonymous with the freedom fighters. And for a long, long time, kurta stuck to its serious image, until recently when it was revived by the new breed designers into an attire that has both poise and style. Today women kurtas spell attitude, and come in almost all colours and fabrics. From funky to kurtas with sequins and beads on them, all kinds kinds are available in the market. The best thing about indian kurtas is that they are not just worn by men but are preferred by women also. From churidars to Denims, from pants to skirts, kurtas can be easily worn with anything and everything. Wearing kurtas is very "in" and makes one look hot and happening. While many prefer to wear these short and long kurtas during the day in office, for others it is a comfortable and stylish outfit for a party or an evening out.

A cool casual wear to a well-textured evening wear, kurtas are here to stay. Whether you buy it from a designer store or pick it from the street-side vendors, they make you look cool. There can be sleeveless kurtas, short or long kurtas or "kurtis". Tight kurtas like in the 70's or casual free-flowing ones, they offer many choices. The market nowadays is flooded with kurtas for women of all shapes and sizes with prices that range from reasonable to expensive depending on the material, the design and the work. They range from slim styles to rich tapered ones with rich motifs and delicate embroideries and laces on them. Indian fashion is among the most happening houte couture in the global fashion scene. Short `kurtas' have zoomed up the fashion calendar as it gets experimental with cuts and fabrics.

Skirts have carved a niche in the sphere of ladies fashion apparel, owing to its innovative designs and consistent upgradation of styles. An imperative apparel for a woman's wardrobe, skirt has become essential for those in corporate and non-corporate work environments. The skirt is the portion of the garment which covers the hips and limbs of the wearer and emphasis is placed upon areas that gives a sensual appearance to the woman. The Indian designers have acquired a deep appreciation of the artistry required to produce a pattern for a well hung skirt.

Skirts are made for all occasions, in long and short lengths and in a variety of styles, fabrics, and colors. They tend to run of the funkier side of casual, depending upon factors such as fibers, the shade of the cloth, the embellishment, finishing and the craftsmanship. While manufacturing skirts for women, points kept in mind are comfort, easy to care and its practicality.

Types & Lengths
The different types of skirts include: the straight skirt, the sarong, the gathered straight skirt, circular skirt, tiered skirts, and overskirts. While stitching skirts, dressmaker have to determine its length and the width. Length of skirts varies from long, semi-long, average and mini-skirt. The silhouette and the length of the skirt is a vital point in changing styles. It must be proportioned to suit the size of the wearer and the height of the hemline. Skirts are finished by hemming, binding, bordering with small embroidered panels or by adding a fringe.

Fabrics & Embellishments
Famous designers are found to be opulent in the use of elaborate sequin work, patchwork, applique and embroidery while making designer skirts. Endless variety of embroidery techniques are used while making skirts like sequins, zardozi and naqshi, available in vibrant hues. Usually, fabrics like cotton, denim, synthetic, leather, knitted, crepe, georgette, silk and organza are crafted into wearable skirts.

A loose-fitting garment, sleeved or sleeveless, tunic generally extend up to the knees and were worn by women especially in ancient Greece and Rome. The pattern and style of tunic has been immensely modified to suit the need & demand of modern woman. Women's tunics are available in knits, fleece, embroidered, solids and prints ad is sure to add style and comfort to the winter wardrobe.

Women's sleeveless tunics are a fashion cut, worn when one want the comfort with a dressier look. Coming in hip skimming length, hem with slits, knit cuffs, screen printed decoration, the tunic lengths vary with size. Many of the tunic are rather plain, play garments, but there were also dress suits, often with fancy trim. These often had sleeves fastened with buckles and are used as over garment to be worn over. All these garments are dyed in different colors, usually quite bright ones.

Patterns & Style
There are various distinct styles for making a women's tunics. These can be long or short sleeved; plain or decorated; splits in the side, front or none at all. If the medieval look is preferred, fabric are chosen in plain solid colors or with simple stripes or spotted patterns. Shades of brown, grey and green will make these tunic look "authentic". The color of the material selected are usually be beige, tan, or a similar color.

There are three main types of fabrics used to make tunics, woven, knitted and non-woven. Preference is given to embroidered fabrics, silk polyester fabrics, brocade fabrics, satin fabrics, nylon fabrics, crepe fabrics and cotton fabrics.

Ladies Capris:
From casual wear and a must for traveling women to the glamorous world of high fashion, ladies capris has undergone a spectacular metamorphosis. Fashion designers consistently presents a new range of capris in spectacular designs and unique fabric blends. Women's capris have attained a distinct position into the arena of high fashion. These are specifically designed for all-day comfort. Capris are an understated classic that's perfect for any occasion, generally featuring an elastic waist in the back and side vents for a smooth, easy fit.

Patterns & Colors
Also called peddle pushers, capris are slim-fit pants that range from knee length to lower calf. Whether the woman is petite, tall, teen, plus size or super size, capris pants are fabricated such that they fit everyone perfectly. They are usually custom made to the measurements, and ladies can choose everything from hem length to pocket placement. The popular colors are shades of brown, slate blue, sepia, beige and prints, along with the perennial black. Lightweight, ladies capris impart a casual, contemporary look and are favorite among traveling women as they roam the world in comfort and style.

A perfect fabric bend adds just the right amount of flexibility for additional comfort and ease of movement. Designed to perfection, capries can be casual, chic and ravishing. Apart from fabrics like cotton, silk, linen, hemp, jute fabrics, georgette and crape, chiffons and satin are used in abundance for fabricating nicely styled capries.

Ladies Jeans:
Ladies' market is definitely the fastest growing. There's more demand for trendier styles as today's woman look for more easy care, flattering fits, feminine options and mix and match alternatives. Women's jeans exemplify quality, innovation, comfort and style. With that in mind, the designers emphasis is put on the originality and the practicality of the jeans, as well as its style. Distinctively different in style and fabric, these innovative jeans for women, reflect today's trends in fashion, and therefore, in living.

Jeans were strictly for workman in the first three decades of the century. But Rock 'n' Roll inspired "jeans as fashion", and since then the designers and manufacturers continues to understand that innovation, comfort, style and performance is what the future demands. Women jeans made of denim became a leisure garment "ideal for home, garden or work. Since its invention, the trends in design and style got wilder, so did the cut and fashion of the jeans. Today plethora of innovative jeans are available in specialized cuts, but the trends are increasingly short lived.

Designer Women's Jeans
One of the most important revolutions in fashion has been the rise in the status of designer jeans. Jeans have always been an important part of the fashion scene, but only over the past few decades have they become so essential. Most designers have begun to include recent trends in their clothing lines such as flares, bell bottoms, boot cut, high waist, and low waist.

A complete range of fashion leisure jeans are available in more sizes, colors and fabrics. The evolution of jeans and casual wear ranged from super skin tight "paint on" jeans to "jogging jeans" with a drawstring, to jeans with holes in them. Wash finishes turned denim into a new fashion fabric as "bleach", "river", "rear" and "sand" joined "stonewash" in the range. Also including the use of stretch denim and "acid washed" jeans.

Denim Jeans
The popular denim fabric has been in use since the late 18th Century, the stylish fabric was first used in Europe, followed by America and the craze later spread to the rest of the world. A rugged, durable twill fabric, denim is most popular in indigo blue; due to the twill construction, one color predominates on the fabric surface. It rules the women casual garments world, though it is mostly used for jeans and jackets, but it has also become popular in decorative fabrics for the home. An all cotton fabric, it is sometimes made with a lycra blend for a stretch feature. The heavier the denim, the more durable it is.

Denim is widely used to manufacture a number women casual garments like denim skirts, denim jackets, denim jeans etc. Good quality denim is manufactured by producers to ensure that it is durable and lasts for years to come.


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